If you are interested in VMI fill out the Client Insurance form and send it to us with either option below.

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If you are like most companies you want two simple things from your insurance coverage. Those are the right fit for where you are and to pay as little as possible for the coverage you need.

Eastern Kentucky Coal Consultants (E.K.C.C.)is proud to announce that we have just recently joined in partnership agreement with Van Meter Insurance Group (VMI) to provide more services for our clients.

This new partnership will allow EKCC to not only take care of your training and consulting needs but could also take care of you insurance needs as well and may possibly save you thousands of dollars each year.

Some of the following policies that Van Meter can help with are:

  • Workers Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Equipment Insurance
  • Health Insurance
Van Meter Insurance Group

The VMI Pledge

We promise to work for you and provide you with a level of service that is unprecedented in the mining industry. Our proactive approach to claims and risk management has proven t decrease claims, lower experience modification rates and lower insurance premiums for numerous clients in the mining industry.

VMI Advantage Services

  • Services designed Exclusively for the Mining Industry
  • Assistance in developing a Drug Free Workplace Program recognized by the Department of Mine Safety.
  • Development of periodic Claims review Program focusing on open claims.
  • Annual Experience Modification Reviews, Audits, and Projections
  • Aggressive Marketing Strategy and renewal Strategy.
  • Health Insurance Program Endorsed by the COA.
  • We will assist in writing your drug free workplace statement.
  • We will assist in preparing your policy to meet the Department of Mine Safety criteria of a drug free workplace program.
  • We will provide drug testing services that meet the requirements of the Department of Mine Safety.
  • We will assist in developing an employee assistance program that needs the requirements of the Department of Mine Safety.

Periodic Claim Review Program

  • We will periodically review all open claims with your company and
    • discuss/review reserves and claim status.
    • Discuss a strategy of returning the injured employee back to work- either in a full or light duty capacity.
    • Review total claims cost.
  • This strategy has proven to close claims quicker. It quickly identifies fraudulent claims and reduces overall claim costs.

Annual Experience Modification Audits and Reviews

  • Our In-House Software allows us the ability to review the accuracy of NCCI experience modification factors:
    • We verify correct payroll information is reported.
    • We verify claim information is reported and coded correctly.
    • We verify NO black lung claims are reported.
    • We analyze specific claim areas that are effecting your mod.
    • After verifying all information, we recalculate current experience modification rates and project future rates

Aggressive Marketing Strategy

  • We approach the insurance marketplace 120 days prior to your renewal.
  • we leverage our carrier relationships to obtain the lowest possible rate for your company.
  • We present all renewal options to you at least two weeks prior to your renewal - allowing you adequate time to review all options and make an informed decision.

COA Endorsed group Health Program

  • Special rates for health insurance from Anthem for COA members.
  • Short term disability program for miners.
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance.
  • Pre-negotiated dental and vision from Delta and Anthem Dental.

If you are interested in VMI fill out the Client Insurance form and send it to us with either option below.


All Safety Training and Consulting Services are available for Coal, Metal & Nonmetal on site and off site. Services are also offered to:

• Banking Institutions
• Equipment Manufacturers
• Insurance Companies
• Mining Service Companies
• Law Firms
• Utility Companies

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