Training and Services

Consultation Services Training
Accident Prevention Audits and Programs Accident Prevention Programs
Actual digital Films and CDs made at your mine site Advanced First-Aid (Virginia)
Air & Gases Sampling and Monitoring Surveys OSHA and MSHA C.P.R. - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Cost and Production Time Studies Equipment Safety Programs
Develop New Haz Com Programs Part 47 First Aid Training
DMP- Diesel Particular Matter Surveys Health Programs
Dust Sampling Surveys Conducted* Management/Supervisory Development Programs
Hazard Awareness Programs M.E.T. - Medical Emergency Technician
Hazard Elimination Programs Mine Foreman Training
Job Safety Training Audits and Programs New Contractor Training
Loss Control Survey for Insurance Companies New Diesel Regulation Classes
Methane and Dust Control Plans Drawn Up Part 46 - Annual Refresher*
Mine Surveys and Audits Part 46 - Experienced Miner*
MSHA Assessment Hearings Representation Part 46 - New Miner*
MSHA Training Plans Developed Part 47 - Haz-Com Training
New Diesel Monitoring Programs Part 48 - Annual Refresher*
Noise Surveys Conducted* Part 48 - New Miner*
Part 50 - Accident Reporting Audits Part 48 - Newly Hired Experienced Miner*
Property Management Part 62 - Noise Training
Safety Inspections of the Site Respirable Dust Sampling Classes
Refuse and Impoundment Inspection and Audits Self-Rescuer and Respiratory Devices
* Mine Safety and health Administration (MSHA) Required.



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Noise Surveys Conducted*
Part 47 - Haz-Com Training

All Safety training and consulting services are available for coal, metal & nonmetal mining on and off site. Services are also offered to Insurance Companies, Mining Service Companies, Banking Institutions, Equipment Manufacturers, Law Firms, and Utility Companies.


All Safety Training and Consulting Services are available for Coal, Metal & Nonmetal on site and off site. Services are also offered to:

• Banking Institutions
• Equipment Manufacturers
• Insurance Companies
• Mining Service Companies
• Law Firms
• Utility Companies

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